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Requires knowledge and ability sufficient to: follow specific instructions and directions in assisting diagnostic imaging technologists and in the processing of. Job Summary: Under the direct supervision and direction of Technologists, the Technologist Aide will provide ancillary support services to patients. position patients and equipment correctly; inject contrast media (when needed); use diagnostic imaging equipment to produce quality images that help with. All occupations in this group provide patient appropriate care throughout procedures and the treatment process. The specialized duties for these occupations are. Responsibilities · Evaluate radiologic images for quality and accuracy · Provide patients with radiation protection equipment and ensure they comply with safety.

A Radiology Technician performs imaging procedures on patients, capturing images of specific areas of the body using radiographic technology. They prepare. Major Responsibilities · Manufacturing Processes · Documentation Practices · Computer applications e.g. LDRS, DMS, LIMS, ETMS & ERP · Environmental Monitoring. Knows, understands, and performs all duties of the Repair Technician and Maintenance Technician jobs. ▫ Observes and follows all necessary safety regulations. A Cardiac Diagnostic Technician Career: Pros and Cons · Two years of advanced education can be enough for many jobs* · Field with high job growth (30% increase. Perform all duties as assigned by Team Leader. Carry out operations in the manufacturing area including, Manufacturing Processes, Documentation Practices. A radiologic technologist assists physicians to identify illnesses and injuries through using diagnostic imaging equipment such as x-ray, CT, MRI, and. Duties performed include: taking, developing, and, sometimes interpreting, radiographs and tests; using and maintaining technical equipment effectively and/or. Position Summary / Career Interest: This specialty certified technologist assists in the performance of diagnostic, interventional and therapeutic. Technologists are responsible for verifying that the type of medical imaging requested is appropriate to the diagnostic goal; for example, an x-ray is typically. Duties · Run electrocardiogram and other electronic equipment to record patient cardiac activity · Do cardiovascular procedures and tests, such as. Duties. Diagnostic medical sonographers and cardiovascular technologists and technicians typically do the following: Prepare patients by explaining the.

Radiologic Technologist · Provides information to diagnose patient illnesses by operating radiologic equipment to produce radiographs. · Identifies patient. JOB SUMMARY. The Diagnostic Imaging Technologist IV provides technical leadership and supervision in overseeing the diagnostic imaging activities of a full. The technologist is responsible for setting up, processing x-ray images, and positioning patients using standard anatomical positioning techniques. As well, the. Job Duties and Tasks for: "Neurodiagnostic Technologist" · 1) Attach electrodes to patients using adhesives. · 2) Summarize technical data to assist physicians to. There are many different career options for those interested in medical diagnostics – from Medical Laboratory Technologist and Medical Radiological Technologist. Radiologic technologists, also known as radiographers, perform medical exams using X-rays on patients to create images of specific parts of the body. The images. Their duties include analyzing and collecting data, calibrating equipment, performing diagnostic tests and repairs, and organizing work records and reports. A. The technologist accepts responsibility for maintaining and continually enhancing individual professional competencies thorough ongoing professional development. Medical diagnostic technicians, on the other hand, use specialized light and sound imaging tools and technical equipment to create sonograms and echocardiograms.

Class specifications are not intended to reflect all duties performed within the job. Under general direction, performs procedures relating to the. JOB SUMMARY​​ The Diagnostic Imaging Technologist I performs responsible technical diagnostic imaging services. The work involves producing diagnostic images. JOB FUNCTION: Diagnose malfunctions on electronic equipment, electrical problems, and perform electronic maintenance. Repair general electronic and electrical. Job Description: Under the direction of a Radiologist and the Imaging Supervisor, to ensure the efficient operations of assigned section. To ensure radiologic. Chief Diagnostic Imaging Operations Technologist directs the Diagnostic Imaging Department's operations including nuclear medicine, MRI, radiology, computer-.

The Diagnostic Radiologic Technologist (CT) performs angiography of the head, neck spine, chest and body. Performs Cardiac Catheterizations. These exams are.

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